SDI Master Scuba Diver

Note: Requirements for divers under the age of 18 include may earn the rating provided the 4 specialities they have completed, are allowed by their age and meet other prerequisites.

Aspiring to achieve the highest recreational scuba rating is a matter of pride and comes with experience. Your journey starts with Open Water Scuba Diver followed by doing 4 Specialities, Rescue Diver, and logging at least 50 dives. This rating ensures that you are proficient in rescuing a person and that your skills as a diver are greatly improved by choosing the specialities that are fun & enhance your skills as a diver.

  • icon10 Years
  • icon (Junior) Rescue Diver, and 4 SDI, TDI, or ERDI specialities (or equivalent), 50 logged dives
  • iconNA