Questions for first-timers

What is scuba diving?

SCUBA is an acronym for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Scuba Diving is an underwater activity where one can breathe unassisted independently and work or explore the underwater world.

Can I dive?

Anyone with reasonable fitness can dive. Anyone above the age of ten years with no upper age limit, reasonably fit can have a go at diving. Children between 8 and 9 can try SCUBA in our shallow pool.

Is it difficult or dangerous to dive?

It is as easy as breathing :P. Any adventure activity does have some inherent risks but in reality, it’s safer underwater than on our roads. All our dive staff are qualified to international standards. This includes our boat captains who are all licensed boat handlers with First Response certificates. All our facilities, like boats, swimming pools and dive equipment are maintained to the highest standards.

Are there sharks?

If you get to see a shark on your dive, you are really LUCKY! Most of them have been overfished. They tend to avoid humans underwater and are a bit shy.

I wear glasses, will it be a problem?

You can use contact lenses when you dive, just let your instructor know before your dive. We have prescription masks (myopia -3, -5, -6) that you can use during your dive. If are below -2 you do not need any aid to see underwater.

What will I get to see?

The marine life of Pondicherry ranges from tiny bioluminescent plankton on night dives to whale sharks bigger than a bus. Groupers, Lionfish, Barracudas, Sweetlips, Rabbitfish, Stone fish, Scorpion fish, Frogfish, Eels, Crabs, Squid, Cuttlefish, Trevally, etc, are commonly found in the reefs.

General questions on Scuba

How deep can we scuba dive?

The beginner’s programme lets you dive to 9mtrs/40 ft. Open Water Scuba Diver course certifies you to dive to 18mtrs/60ft. The Advanced Adventurer course certifies you to dive up to 30mtrs/100ft and doing deep speciality would open diving to 40mtrs/130ft which is the max depth for recreational scuba divers. Deeper than 40mtrs dives can be done by experienced divers after doing their technical diving courses.

How long will the dives be?

The dive time varies anywhere from 25-40 mins and depends on a lot of factors like your breathing rate, the depth you are diving at, environmental conditions, etc.

Where do we go diving?

Pondy has many dive sites which are about 5-20 km from the shore.

How many days will I need?

We have a beginner’s dive programme which is for two half days or one full day. The beginner’s certificate programme will take you, a minimum of two days and a maximum of five days.

What do I need to bring?

Sunglasses, Hat, Towel, Swimwear or an extra set of inner garments along with some sunscreen. You will need a bag to carry back your wet clothes.

Can I fly back after my dives?

One would have to wait for 12hrs after a single dive or 18hrs after multiple dives before you can travel in a commercial plane.

Can I dive when I am pregnant/trying to conceive?

No, one should avoid diving when pregnant or trying to conceive.

Can I dive when I am on my period?

Can I party before my dives?

No, one should not be dehydrated/ hungover/ under the influence of alcohol or any other substances before a dive.


How long does it take for me to learn scuba diving?

Our entry-level course (Open Water Course) takes 4 days to 5 days to complete. But you can complete it in 3 days if you finish your theory online before coming to Pondicherry.

Do I need to know how to swim?

To be able to complete your Open Water Course you need to be able to swim 200 meters (untimed) and float for 10 mins.

Should I buy equipment?

All equipment is included in all our student-level courses and you do not need to buy any.

Does my certificate expire?

No, your scuba certification does not have an expiry date. However, it is recommended to keep your skills/knowledge updated. If you have not dived in a long time, (Six months) we recommended doing a refresher before your dives.