I had really Great experience with chakra divers. It was my first ever time experience being a non-swimmer, the instructors made a genuine effort to train and were patient enough! It was one of the best experience one can ever get it! I will definitely recommend Chakra divers if anyone has scuba diving on their bucket list ❀️



My dive trip along with my buddies Meghana & Aparajita from Mumbai was a sudden plan. We booked our dives & the sites advised by the team. We were totally impressed by the dive centre, their dive boats & the team was very warm & friendly. Their equipments were top class & we dived using nitrox. The marine life was spectacular at the man-made reefs & some sites had cute wrecks of omni vans, bikes, trucks & boats. I had a lovely & interactive time with many Bat fishes on my first dive. We saw barracudas, schools of Jacks, sweet lips, Silver Moonies, groupers, huge lobsters, so many eels at the Eel garden site & much more. Viz was low but I thoroughly enjoy 3 days of diving at Pondy.. πŸ πŸŒŠπŸ β€¦ Rameshwar Congrats & Best wishes ✨✨.. Pushpak is a fantastic instructor & a calm dive leader 😊😊. Manisha is a bubbly & friendly instructor 😊😊. The ground staff & the team sailing the boats are very warm & friendly too. 😊



Hands down the best holiday ever! A memory for life.!! easily one of the best centres there is. Chakra has more space, convenience and amenities than anywhere else - with their training pools, clean and spacious toilets and changing rooms with everything you’d need thoughtfully provided and the latest and newest gear and equipment, it’s beyond expectations The instructors were very professional, friendly and capable. They gave us a solid education and a lot of confidence. The crew knew a lot about the local dive sites and environment and this made the dive spectacular. Soo much diversity and the custom boat - nothing short of spectacular, was extremely well made. It is huge, with changing room toilet and more than enough space for every passenger. Last but not least was the foresight, thoughtfulness and care to give me an outstandingly delicious vegan meal post-dive! Soo impressive, the attention to detail and the commitment to perfection and safety. I had the best time ever! Diving with Chakra was the experience of a lifetime!

Marieen Vijay